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Harvey Mandel's dog "Buck" was recently diagnosed with cancer on Thursday, Feb.26th. It was a Mast Cell Tumor on his right rear leg. They will also checked a suspect small bump on the left leg as well.  Harvey noticed the bump immediately and took him to the vet to get it checked, they took a biopsy and it came back positive for cancer. The vet said the cytology report showed it was very well differentiated which makes it more likely to be a low grade less aggressive cancer. That's good news and is encouraging that surgery would be curative. Today, March 2nd, Harvey just dropped him off at the vet to get chest X-rays and blood work done. He's also on special meeds to lower histamine levels from the tumor. We will hear the results for the chest X-ray later this afternoon and the blood work will be back tomorrow.

Buck is a very sweet Staffordshire Terrier, more common breed name is a Pit Bull. Buck is a cuddle-bunny, well-trained and only 7 years old. Harvey and his son Eric saved him from a very nasty Pit Bull breeder. They brought him home as a young puppy and he immediately became part of the family and bonded tightly to both of them.

As some of you know Harvey's son Eric was shot and killed back in Oct. 2012. Eric had Buck with him at the time. Buck was stranded in Eric's car and the police brought him to the local pound. Harvey was touring with Canned Heat in Paris, France when he received the news. By the time I received word that Buck was in the pound, they were 24 hrs. away from euthanizing  him. We were all in a panic while Harvey was trying to get back to the states as quickly as possible. One of the workers from the pound contacted me and asked me to email her pictures  of Buck proving he was our dog. I did and the supervisor kept saying it wasn't the same dog, but it clearly was! Finally they let Connee, Eric's fiancé in to see Buck. As she was walking towards his cage, he clearly recognized her. They released Buck into her custody and he was saved!

Two months later our Mom had a mini stroke. Several months after that she was hospitalized for two months straight and passed in May of 2013.

Shortly after, Harvey was diagnosed with his cancer. Over the past 13 months he has had 16 surgeries. He was supposed to come back to Chicago this week for the next one and cancelled temporarily to take care of Buck.

This is an unbelievable journey my brother has had to endure. He dog Buck has suffered a loss too with Eric and has felt the strain during Harvey going in and out of town for surgery. Dogs are sponges for their owners pain and stress and in cases like this, Buck has served as a lifeline to carry Harvey thru this very long road back to health. Buck also carries a special piece of Harvey's son Eric with him and helps to bridge the pain of a parent loosing a child.

So with the fact that Harvey has been unable to tour for almost 1.5 years now, grouped with the fact that he has to pay for his special surgeon out of pocket (he does have health insurance but the surgeon doesn't take it.), plus cover his basic living expenses…we once again need to reach out for donations from friends and fans. Harvey also recently had some emergency oral surgery a couple of weeks ago too.

Harvey has pawned every guitar he has except his current Snake Guitar, plus some other equipment to get by. There are other great losses as well during this time. I'm trying everything I can myself as well for the cause and will continue to do so.

This situation is emergent to say the least—on all levels. Harvey's Birthday is coming up too, March 11th…the best present he could receive is keeping his sweet Buckie with him!

Please help if you can…we have to raise this money for Buck's surgery this week. We would be very appreciative of donations in any amount, as it all adds up! Click here to make a donation.

Thank you everyone, again and I will keep everyone updated as we move along. Please check back at the website throughout the week I will be adding in new items for purchase and auction.

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog and his person…the world will change forever!"


Buck’s surgery was a success! Vet believes the cancer was removed, but careful follow-up is needed periodically for the rest of his life. Buck is now back to running in the park and wagging his tail again! Harvey will be watching him very carefully and continue to give him great care. Many thanks to everyone that donated enough monies to ensure Buck had his surgery!

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