Thank you so much, we can’t do this without you!


- Paul Adams - $50.00

"Many years ago I was a young Luthier showing one of my early instruments. You were very kind, gracious, and played the hell out of that instrument (It was made out of the old Jefferson Hotel in Peoria. Curly Oak with Curly Maple). We all love you and hope for the best -Paul Adams"

- Michael Adler - $25.00

"I've been through this cancer shmancer business myself, but thankfully on Feb. 28th last year, after 9 chemo treatments, I was declared cancer-free. I hope and pray that you will also experience the same positive outcome. Harvey, I wish you ALL the Very Best Today and Always!"

- Rachelle Alexander - $5.00

"Sending best wishes your way!"

  1. -Kevin Allodi - $250.00

“Get well soon, Harvey.”

- Anonymous - ($65) - Auction Winner-Charlie Musselwhite CD - Rough Dried

"Thanks for allowing me to help."

- Anonymous - $25.00

- Felicia Apprey - $30.00

- Brenda Arelano - $90.00

- Jeannie Arger - $50.00


  1. -Laura Bee - Acupuncturist for Snake

  2. -Merle Daar Bergeon - $1,000.00

“Harvey - blood still exists. Hope this will help.” Merle

- Cary Berkelhamer - $25.00

"Harvey, May G-D smile on you. I know you're going to beat this and get back to doing what you do best."

  1. -Bradley’s Barn - $100.00

“Hope sees the invisible, Feels the intangible, And achieves the impossible. Some of life's joys arrive serendipitously, with no calculations, elaborate plans, preconceived notions or great expectations. Just let the beauty happen on its own accord. Learn to be present like wild creatures. like young children, wild creatures don't live in hope. they too live in the real world, the present. they have much to teach us about the first principles of living, hopelessly: Be generous. Value your time. Live naturally. Learn to be present in your own way- meditation, exercise, walks in the woods, whatever works for you. Hope and hopelessness are both about the future. When you are present, neither has any hold on you. Feel better, Get better, Be better. You now truely know what's important. Play on sweet prince.. you've always made a joyful noise, and we are all enriched by its sound, the sound of you,my friend.....Enjoy Today!!!!!!”

  1. -Alain Berthe - $100.00

“Harvey, you're a true and underestimated musical genius. I wish you get back healthy soon. I wish we hear good news from you soon and I wish we can hear new music from you soon. Take care man, Alain”

- Matthew Bode - $10.00

"I am a huge fan of you, and Canned Heat. I love the music. Hope you get well soon. Respectfully, Matthew Bode"

- Gerald Brewster - $5.00

- Joanne Brosch - $25.00

"Get well soon! Love, The Brosch Family"

- Rick Bryan - $30.00

- Rodney L Butler - $50.00

" Harvey, you have brought me so much joy over the years! I found you at the perfect time in 1972, and you've been constantly on my playlist since then! Wish I could do more... My Love Dude!"

"Hey Harvey ! You gotta beat this shit! Hang in there Man! We love you!"


- David P Carlson - $50.00

"Good Luck, Harvey!!! Looking forward to seeing you play again."

- William Cashman - $225.00 -Auction Winner-Double Deal

"Give em' hell Snake."

- Lisa & Jim Challenger - $500.00

“Harvey....Be well. Be strong. Be happy. Piles of peace and love!”

- James B Champlin - $50.00

"Good luck Harvey! Brett Champlin - Devils Kitchen Band"

- Pete Chun - $50.00

"Harvey, Wishing you all the best for a quick and successful recovery."

- Demetrius Clark - $5.00

"Stay strong Harvey. God will be by your side. Always with love, DC"

- Todd Coates - $300.00

"I've been a long time fan, Harvey. I was listenin' to the Baby Batter, Games Guitars Play and Canned Heat Future Blues albums on your birthday and still being wowed by your guitar work. We're all in this fight with you. You're in my prayers and thoughts. Peace and keep on rockin' the blues."

- Bob Collum - $10.00

"Loads of love to you Harvey xxx"

- Leonard Cox - $20.00

- Mary C Crecco - $5.00

"Sending Prayers, Love & Light to you Harvey for a full & quick recovery!"


-Dan - $20.00

“Harvey, Your art is well represented in my collection of recordings. Get on through this and share another piece of your brilliance!”

- Stanley Dobretz - $25.00

- Dennis Donn - $25.00

- Michael G. De Jong - $300.00

"Long may you run Harvey…!"

- Michael G. De Jong - $86.00 - Auction Winner-Charlie Musselwhite CD - Darkest Hour

- Chip Desnoyers - $100.00

"You've been inspiring as a player for over forty years. Now I hope your fans can return a little bit of the favor."

- Franco Dieguez - $10.00

"Harvey as a fellow guitar player and Afficionado I wish you health and a speedy recovery. I've known your sister Rose for a long time and her call to help is why I'm answering.... God be with you and bless you. Best, Franco"

- Dennis Dismore - $25.00

- Greg Dobler - $25.00

"Blues music makes the blues go away. Play on!"

- Kenneth J Dore - $50.00

"Hope it all works out for you Brother !!!"

- Shari Duffy - $60.00 + Auction prize donations of various event tickets

- John Duke - $50.00

"Hey Snake; I first heard Cristo Redentor at party in 1970. I got it the next day. I remember smoking the peace pipe and listening to Capruange over and over. I was just really impressed by the way you paced that solo, tension and release baby! I used a lot of your phrasing and those weird inside out bends in my playing and earned a nickname "Dr. Voodoo" all thanks to you. Saw you at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach in the seventies you had a black guy playing cooper drums and I remember thinking "What the fuck is he doing with both hands on the neck". Rock on Brother."


  1. -Robert Edling - $100.00

  2. -Jacqueline Elderkin - $50.00

Sorry I can't do more. God bless you, Harvey, and thanks for the music!”

- Lori Embrey - $50.00

"Wish I could do more man. Hang In there, you can beat this damn thing. Stay positive. It was an honor and a privilege working for you and I'm going to do it again sometime!. -Lori Davidson"


- Jack Falk - $20.00

"Get well soon Harvey. Your friend Jack (your old computer guy). I remember the night you drove to my house in the worst possible storm with your computer all the way from your place to los banos and I worked on your computer we had pizza and jammed. To me that will always be a memory! Take care Jack Falk hope this helps a bit wish i could do more."

  1. -Theo Falkinburg - $20.00

“Your music & guitar playing has always inspired me, and helps me to stay inspired to make my own music. I will continue to share your music with as much people as I can. Get well soon Mr .Mandel ! Best wishes to you and your family!!”

- Frank Farmer - $20.00

"Long time fan. Get well soon."

- Richard Faucheraux - $30.00

"Little streams make big rivers; and you are also in our thoughts out here in France ! Get well and keep playing Harvey!"

- Richard Ferguson - $10.00

"Best wishes for a speedy recovery!"

-Michael A. Firman - $50.00

“Hang in there Harvey. I've always loved your music.”

- Stephen Fisk - $100.00

"I hope you can get comfortable and beat this."

- Nicholas Fliess - $50.00

  1. -Kathleen Foote - $100.00

  2. -Steve Freund - (hidden)

  3. -Sherrie Freitag - $35.00 - Autographed Photo of Harvey "The Snake" Mandel

  4. -Anthony Funches - $5.00

From Myself, The Doors, Feyline, Great Western Productions & The Funches Family ... Sorry I can't send MORE, but I just spent 8 days in The Intensive Care Unit (Hospital HERE!”

- Marlene Drell Frykman - $50.00

"Sending healing energy and light, Harvey. Rock on brother. -Marlene "


- Marliese Gabrielson - $5.00

"Dear Harvey, My thoughts and prayers are with you and I pray you beat this cancer fully Love and Blessings."

- Jere Gallimore - $25.00

"My best wishes."

- David Getz - $25.00

  1. -David Gilroy - $35.00 - Autographed Photo of Harvey "The Snake" Mandel

People need to see. Harvey, I am sending you love, prayers, and strength to help you through this road bump! You have given me your gift since I was a young kid and it's time we gave something back. Stay strong my friend! Dave Gilroy, Portland Oregon”

  1. -Danny Gitlis - $50.00

- Diane Glass - $50.00

- Barry Goldberg - $100.00

"Get well Harvey, The Snake Strikes back! Love The Rabbi and Gail Goldberg"

- Eric W. Goldstein - $28.00

- Paul Grajciar - $25.00

- Gary E. Green - $25.00

- Honey Green - $5.00

- Laurie Griesemer - (hidden)

“I've been listening to you for many years now, Harvey, and I send prayers and good thoughts for your recovery!”

- John Grounds - $50.00

"God Bless Snake!"


  1. -Ronald Hacker - $100.00

Hey Brother there is no one like you and we need you here to show us what cool guitar playing is, keep fighting.”

  1. -Pete Haffey - $100.00


  1. -Rance D. Haig - $50.00

  2. -William R Hanlon - $20.00

- Gail Harper - $300.00

"Harvey - it was such a delight meeting you yesterday and hearing you play. I am still smiling! I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and wishing a speedy recovery for you."

- Lorne Hemmerling - $10.00

- Kathleen Herrebout - $25.00

"Get well Harvey! Sending health and best wishes for 2014."

  1. -Thomas Heuer - $50.00

Just heard about your situation from Mick Martin (Mick Martin and the Blues Makers) on Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, Calif. I'm along time fan and I am sincerely hoping you've got this thing licked.”

- Robert Highfield - $35.00 - Autographed Photo of Harvey "The Snake" Mandel

"We love you snake! Get well, man. Thanks so much for all the music!! God bless!!

- Steve Hoffman - $5.00

- Danielle Holbrook - $5.00

- John C Horvath - $50.00

"Harvey,good energy and strength to you! J. Horvath"

  1. -Holly Howard - $10.00

  2. -Holly Howard - $55.00 - Auction Winner-Charlie Musselwhite CD-The Well

“Thinking of You. (((Hugs)))”

  1. -Randy Hughes - $35.00 - Autographed Photo of Harvey "The Snake" Mandel

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