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Around the beginning of the summer of 2013 Harvey noticed his nose start to swell quit a bit. Things really started to change before, this is Harvey's story…

Harvey actually noticed some subtle changes over two years ago and went to see the doctor. He had injured his nose and went to get it checked. The doctor told him he had a broken nose and not to worry, whenever his schedule would allow he could come in and get it fixed. No rush, he could go for a long time as long as it didn't bother him, and it didn't.

Over the last year Harvey was hit hard with lot's of personal tragedy. In October of 2012 while on tour in Paris, his son Eric passed suddenly. Shortly after his Mother was hospitalized for a long period of time and at the end of May 2013, she passed as well.

It was now time to address his own health and with the increased swelling and discomfort in his nose he returned to the doctor. The doctor was concerned this was something more serious and sent him to a specialist.

After numerous tests and biopsies…he was diagnosed with an invasive cancer inside his nose. He didn’t have a broken nose at all, it was cancer growing inside and it went untreated for a long time. Not good news in the wake of personal loss and a full tour schedule ahead.

The diagnosis and treatment options weren't pretty, they also weren't completely definitive. The best team of surgeons needed to be assembled for a precise diagnosis and action plan.

Searching the country…the globe and conferring with numerous specialists, personal research and even scheduling a surgery in California where he lives…something just didn't feel quite right and some of the

risks he was told and were about to encounter were to great to move forward with confidence. The information given to him was incomplete.

He then discovered the best surgeon…a world renowned surgeon that was in his home town of Chicago. This doctor is the pioneer of the techniques that define cancer of the nose and nasal reconstruction…he wrote the book (he actually wrote two books), and travels the globe, even the White House upon special request.

Once Harvey discovered him he was literally on a plane to Chicago the next day for a consult. Two days later was in surgery again for more biopsies and exploration. The doctor even played his CD's while in the operating room!

A definitive diagnosis was made and action plan put into place. Harvey then made the decision to move forward with his new doctor here in Chicago.

This is going to be a long road, very long. Numerous surgeries, other specialists. Scary because he has been unknowingly walking around with this for a long time. The cancer also turned into an invasive type which is more dangerous.

So why is there a fund for all of this you may ask? Harvey has insurance…good insurance. However this doctor because of the type of surgeon he is and what he does, does not take insurance of any kind. Reasons are simple—our health care system and how they view certain procedures and how they pay out. He could not be in business within the system. So all of his patients are self-paying. Harvey's insurance will cover other team players in his case and hospital costs…but not the man that has the ability to give him a life cancer free and return him to looking like himself.

The fees with this treatment are huge and we need the help of everyone! Plus there are basic living expenses to cover.

Harvey has stayed strong and positive and just wants to get back to doing what he loves the most…playing guitar!

Let's help him get back into life and back onstage again…donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and will help move forward toward completing the goal needed for a complete recovery.

Thank you!

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